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Akasaka History Part.5

Akasaka people of Roots Akasaka Yukari people

Grew up in Akasaka Kishu Hantei, and swam in the pond

Yoshimune Tokugawa

Yoshimune is eighth shogun of one Kishu Tokugawa born Gosanke to ten M Tokugawa Yorinobu of Tokugawa Ieyasu and founder lord. Yoshimune was born as a four man of Kishu clan 2 feudal lord, Tokugawa Mitsusada, become the lord of the Kishu clan, I attaches to the seat of then 8 shogun. Childhood vast Kishu clan Nakayashiki (now Crown Prince's Palace, Akasaka State Guest House) is spent in, it seemed was a spirited boy era, a story that swam in the pond is a famous story in Akasaka. After I become the Shogun, to stabilize the shogunate financial reform of Kyoho, and appointed the Ookaechizen'nokami, court reform and towns of fire fighting organization ─ such as installing the Edo Machibikeshi, accomplished a lot of reform, to name I was told the generals. It also Senza the Hikawa Shrine Akasaka in here, was praying as his Ubusunagami, we cherish.

53 years, residents who loved Akasaka

Kaishu Katsu

Katsu Kaishu was born in poverty bannerman the house of 40 bales border in Shenzhen. The move to Akasaka at the time of the 24-year-old for the Dutch studies training, live beside Akasaka 3-chome of training (now), I've been teaching the Dutch studies to open the "dispelled cram school". Pacific Ocean I achieved a cross in Kanrin Maru learn navigation in Nagasaki Naval Training Center. This is the time to move to the mansion of Sakashita Hikawa. This mansion is where Sakamoto Ryoma to visit in prepared to kill the Kaishu is the opening of the country theorists, it has become a disciple of Kaishu on the spot is persuaded to reverse. In that era shogunate to adversely deployment, Kaishu is warship magistrate and Army magistrate, Army president, he was appointed to key positions of shogunate such as military president, approaching the government forces Edo, when called Edo decisive battle, in prepared to Edo of scorched earth policy, prosperity and to negotiate Saigo, it was realized the bloodless surrender of Edo Castle. After the Meiji Restoration councilor, Navy Sir, it served the Privy Council adviser, it is Jose to Earl, his later years were spent until it died at the age of 77 at the mansion of Akasaka 6-chome (now).

Famous Ookaechizen'nokami Tadasuke Shimoyashiki in name judgment

Ookaechizen'nokami Tadasuke

Ookaechizen'nokami Tadasuke was born in Edo as a child of bannerman, appointed Yamada magistrate (Ise magistrate) in the 35-year-old, but I judge various lawsuits, and over the boundary dispute of Ise (curtain territory) and Matsuzaka (Kishu clan) during the litigation, I was helm that there is whether or not to Kishu clan. This time Kishu feudal lord was the Yoshimune, losing in spite, and to admire fair judgment of Tadasuke, when it comes to 8 shogun, was appointed the Tadasuke to Edo magistrate. Then participate in the reform of Kyoho of Yoshimune, reform of the judicial system, to perform a variety of reform and the establishment of the suggestion box, by its result Yoshimune, and was featured as a formal daimyo. In the Edo period, became a feudal lord from magistrate, only Tadasuke. In addition, Toyokawa Inari of Akasaka is an opening that the Ōoka Tadasuke was Kanjo from local Toyokawa in Jitei is what you from getting the Meiji, has been Senza in here.

Minister of Finance when he fell to Kyodan of 2.26 incidents

Korekiyo Takahashi

Born in the child of Sendai samurai, and admission to Yokohama Eigaku cram school at a cost of Sendai Domain at the age of 10. And studying in the United States at the age of 13, but the English can not understand, it would be to sign the documents buying and selling as slaves, now to be forced to work as slaves in the cowboys and vineyards. After returning home, and then he joined the Ministry of Education, taught English at Kyoritsu school as an English teacher (now open high school), we have became the first principal after. Joined by the Bank of Japan in 1892, after six years he was appointed Vice President. As Vice President of the Bank of Japan during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905 years) war, I will go to the public offering of war bonds to foreign countries. It is possible to be a war procured from British banker, was led to the Russo-Japanese war to victory. In addition, during the Depression of Showa, we aim to reduction of military budget as Finance Minister, in the 2.26 incident of 1936 invited the antipathy from the army (1936), and was killed in a young officer in the Akasaka mansion. The mansion trace is donated to the city of Tokyo, and is open as Korekiyo Takahashi Okina Memorial Park.