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Akasaka History Part.3

Now the postwar gorgeous interest Akasaka

1945, Tokyo by air raid was scorched earth and of.
When the post-war reconstruction begins, Karyukai of Akasaka close to the Diet and Kasumigaseki is revived, automotive industry along the outer moat Street also presents a lively, in 1955 Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) is moved to the hills of Hitotsugi military site is, and began a full-fledged television broadcasting.

Akasaka that became the Great White Way in wake of the Olympic
1955 of the Akasaka Prince Hotel opened, television broadcasting start of TBS, followed by the opening of the 1960 Hotel New Japan, hotel for foreign tourists acceptance in the Tokyo Olympics was opened one after another. Hotel Okura (1962), Hotel New Otani (1963), it was the era of hotels rush and Hilton Hotels (1963). Akasaka celebrated the many foreign tourists, in 1966 the Beatles also stayed at the Hilton Hotel, and became a great bustle. Bar to entertain foreign guests, club, I was crowded nightclub, greatly well as Grand Cabaret. When you enter the high-growth era joined movie stars and celebrities gather to businessmen and TBS to entertain foreign buyers, singer well as, Karyukai also booming in such entertainment dignitaries of government goods officer, Akasaka to open it was now night on the town you do not know.

● Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremony

Recession of creeping Akasaka Karyukai from the 1980s
When it comes to high-growth era, the city of Akasaka also building of the old wooden house is eliminated gradually, began to change the views of the city. Most iconic events is that the site area of approximately 500 square meters and Akasaka largest restaurant "Nakagawa" was down the goodwill in 1982. Since then little by little restaurant was down the goodwill. Akasaka of restaurant there is also a restaurant that there is a cook, but cooking is mostly was generally get a caterer from the store that specializes in catering. Number of had caterer with restaurant is also reduced, will also be able to decrease industries related to the restaurant, went completely changed also shops so as to form a town.

Cuisine of Akasaka oyster
Thus, Akasaka caterer's technology and tradition of taste that has been supported by the restaurant as then come gourmet boom, began to create a food culture of Akasaka. Akasaka of food established to protect such Akasaka of tradition, we strive to inheritance to the next generation. And you also are supported by many people now. Such a long-established the whole city is united produced, it is what I want to promote the rebuilding of the city of the restaurant business.

I will lead the city in the fashion of Hitotsugi Street
In Akasaka well-established store of gourmet refrain, it is a feature of Hitotsugi as also the fashion is glowing. Speaking of Akasaka of fashion, but the order is made-and select, in the order of women's clothing "Peerless", "Atelier Aime" "La Mur" and, engaged in the television costume "Picot" is. Also in '67 from Okakae Taylor of order if Yasuda zaibatsu in men's fashion, the order of shoes also are substantial as "Taylor and Close", it is "ELL GARION" entertainers purveyor to welcome you select if founded in '70. Here mainly the trend fashion of Italy, select the pair will enjoy because it treats also women's clothing. Again is an important theme in Akasaka all time fashion indispensable, you must not forget that it will always continue to disseminate information as an attractive universal Street.

● entertainment goods purveyor "ELL GARION"

● was also tailored suit of Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida, "Taylor and Close"