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Akasaka History Part.2

Established has been nurtured,
100 years of the past

Speaking of Akasaka, but gorgeous image of luxury restaurants and entertainment areas, the Edo period in most daimyo mansion and samurai residences, the restaurant appeared to Akasaka is from the late Meiji era. Let's introduce the birthplace of Akasaka city of origins and Akasaka restaurant.

Akasaka of town will begin in the Edo era.
Full-fledged beginning of Akasaka is located in the Iri-fu of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Edo Castle When is erecting, Kishu Tokugawa family in Akasaka plateau, which is located to the west (the current Crown Prince's Palace, Akasaka peripheral Rikyu) was solidified defense of the West by placing a bannerman of early feudal lords and Daimi the. Edo Castle mitsuke Gate Akasaka at the entrance is placed, Akasaka of town hill of uphill is daimyo and bannerman, Makushita samurai immediately of Sakashita leaving the gate, was lived craftsmen procedures and people to work in the castle. River flowing through the lowlands poured into pond, pond is maintained as Edo Castle outer moat, temporary and is used as a water jar of Edo people, the water had been carried to the people of Kyobashi.

● near Akasaka from ponds in the Edo Period

●Source "large Tokyo Photos guidance" Hakubunkan Shinsha

Akasaka in revolution of the Meiji Restoration
Lords and bannerman, of Akasaka samurai mansion was almost like Gokenin town, many inhabitants have returned to the country source in the Meiji Restoration, was devastated. When it comes to the new Meiji government, vast in large feudal lord of the mansion ruins military facilities, other lords mansion and bannerman our mansion of Daimi the aristocrats who and of new government officials that came moved from Kyoto, military, business leaders I've become a our house, it was still quiet mansion town. Choshu clan Mori house mansion ruins to Army first regiment, after the Second World War become a Defense Agency, it has become now a midtown. In addition, Aki clan to (Hiroshima Domain) Matsudaira family of the site is Konoe third regiment, and, currently making it the TBS and Akasaka Sacas Square.

Akasaka Karyukai birthplace of "TAMEIKE"
"TAMEIKE" was the firefly flying scenic location. Can and teahouse of our partner to enjoy the scenery in the surrounding area, has been said that it's the beginning of the Akasaka Karyukai. After the Meiji Restoration, in the use of military and business leaders who, developed as a restaurant and waiting. After war Nisshin-Russo-Japanese greatly crowded against the background of the military economy, in the second half of the Meiji era celebrates the first times of heyday. However, it was the famous Karyukai of Akasaka, World War II after the economy was also high growth era of soaring. Sequence to create a column paddle wheel is in the town of black fence, and I the meantime, was an taste drifting city rickshaw loaded with geisha come and go. Heyday is said to 1970 around, that time geisha Okiya is is said to have had even 70 hotels, geisha only in 400 or more people.

● beauty postcards "Manryu and fan" postcard museum built

Was born from Akasaka geisha star "Manryu"

Geisha "Manryu" of Okiya of Akasaka "Shunpon" is now in first place in the readers' poll of the magazine beauty contest that took place in the "literary club" "National hundred beauty". At that time, "the sake Masamune, geisha Manryu" or gained a reputation as sung in the song and, as for the consolation of Shussei soldier, "beauty postcard collection" of Manryu was popular.

● was re-starting in the new style "Kinryu"

● Kiribatake throughout Edo Hyakkei Akasaka Hiroshige

● from Kanazawa to Akasaka, restaurant "Asada-ya"